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Our central Our strategic location in Canton makes it possible for us to serve clients anywhere in Detroit Suburbs. Among the key areas of service, most of our business inquiries come from location in South Shore makes it possible for us to offer dumpster rental service in the entire South Shore region. One of the main areas where we get lots of business inquiries is in Livonia.
Since 1988, Lawrence Maintenance has been providing exceptional repair and installation services in Livonia. Our focus is on making your home safer, comfortable, and beautiful just the way you want it!

Fireplace Repair

To sustain the good working of your fireplace, regular fireplace repair and servicing is a necessity. Lawrence Maintenance has a team of friendly, professional, and experienced experts to handle your fireplace repair. Whether it a wood fireplace, gas fireplace, electric fireplace, traditional fireplace, and more, we can handle it.

Fireplace Repair

We want to sustain the functionality of your fireplace so that when winter comes knocking, your family will stay warm. Also, our fireplace repair will help in preventing chimney damage and chimney fires too. 

Now, do you know that most chimney fires result from poor maintenance and lack of proper fireplace repair? With Lawrence Maintenance, however, you don’t have to go through such tragedies.

Chimney Repair| Chimney Caps Installation

We understand how important your chimney is when it comes to the proper functioning of your fireplace. This is why we have a knowledgeable team at your services any time you need chimney repair services.

Chimney Repair| Chimney Caps Installation
Here are some of the repair tasks that our technical team handles:

  • Chimney cap installation and replacement
  • Chase covers replacement
  • Chimney liner repairs and installation
  • Crown repairs
  • Damper repair

Basic Roof Repair

Do you need some minor fixes for your roof? Call Lawrence Maintenance today.
Our roof repair team will repair your leaking roof, missing shingles, rusty metals, replacing flash seals, and more. You don’t have to wait until the damage is too extensive when all you need is some minor repair.
Call us today so we can schedule your basic roof repairs.

Wood Stoves Installation & Sale

Here at Lawrence Maintenance, we stock high-quality wood stoves from the leading brands in the market. With this, your home will remain warm, whether there are power outages or not.
And we don’t just stop at selling wood stoves. Our friendly and experienced technical team will handle your installations any time you make your purchase.

Gutter Installation, Repair & Cleaning

Are your gutters leaking, appear clogged or damaged? We can handle that!

We are licensed to provide gutter installation, gutter repairs, and gutter cleaning services in all of Detroit.

Gutter Installation, Repair & Cleaning

Our professionals will ensure that your home’s foundation is secure by ensuring a smooth flow of water through the gutters.

Your gutters are an important part of your home’s stability and you can’t afford to hire untrained persons to repair them. Call Lawrence Maintenance today and schedule your gutter repairs or installation.

Interior & Exterior Painting

When it comes to painting your home’s interiors and exteriors, Lawrence Maintenance is your number one choice. We use high-quality products that will make your home beautiful lone after we complete your project.

Interior & Exterior Painting

If you are not sure about the best color for your exteriors or interiors, our experts will help you make a choice. Our focus is getting you the look that you want fast and on a budget.

Instead of watching as your home wastes away, let us give it a fresh coat now.

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 fireplace repair, chimney cap installation, wood stove installations, and more, with Lawrence Maintenance, you have a guarantee of high-quality, affordable, and timely services anywhere in Detroit area.

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Why should I service my fireplace?

It is possible that your fireplace was made using the best products in the market. With time, however, the beauty will fade and the fireplace will start falling apart. Servicing your fireplace will help in getting rid of the dust, cobwebs, and rust that can cause more severe damages. 

Whether your fireplace is dormant or in constant use, you need to service it.

What are the indications that I need fireplace repair services?

  • Foul odor from your fireplace
  • If your home gets smoky every time your fireplace is in use
  • You smell gas for gas fireplaces
  • There are white stains on the fireplace
  • Your fireplace suddenly stops working
  • Delayed or no ignition on turning on the unit

When is the best time for fireplace repairs?

Though you can clean your chimney at any time of the year, the most ideal time is after the heating period. This is the time when you’ll not be using the chimney as much and the fireplace repair will go on smoothly.

By the time winter comes, your fireplace will be as good as new!

Will the fireplace repair get rid of the back coating on the walls?

Yes. Lawrence Maintenance also offers interior and exterior painting services in addition to fireplace repair. With this, our experts will clean the walls and repaint them if the need arises.

How often should I clean my chimney?

It depends on how often you use it. However, whether you use it often or not, cleaning it 6 to 12 months is advisable. 

If you are not sure whether your cleaning is due, call Lawrence Maintenance for a customized inspection and repair.

Why is my chimney leaking?

  • If your flashing is loose or broken
  • If the waterproofing was poorly done

The best way to find out the cause of the chimney leakage is to contact our professionals. They will inspect and make the best possible recommendations.

Will chimney cap prevent the proper venting of my flue?

No. chimney caps are designed to protect you especially when installed properly. In fact, it can help in making venting better.

My fan has been too noisy for the past few days. What should I do about it?

Normally most blowers are quiet and you’ll hardly notice when they are functioning. If at any time the fan produces loud humming noises or unsettling vibrations, call Lawrence Maintenance in Canton, MI.

Our fireplace repair experts will come over, inspect to know where the issue is and conduct the necessary repairs.

My fireplace produces an odor every time I use it. Why?

If you just installed your fireplace, it is normal for it to produce the smell of dust, oil or paint for a few hours. However, if it is not a new fireplace, dust, debris, and oils may have built up. 

You need to get in touch with our fireplace repair experts so you can schedule your cleaning and other necessary repairs.

How can I find good fireplace repair services?

  • Check whether the fireplace repair company is licensed and certified
  • Check out the reviews from past clients
  • Call the fireplace repair company to gauge how much they know about fireplaces
  • Ask for quotes from multiple fireplace repair companies and make your choice based 

Will the chimney cleaning mess up my home?

No. our professionals will put appropriate measures in place to ensure that no dirt or debris will get to other surfaces. At the end of the cleaning process, your home will be as clean as it was before we began the cleaning

What causes chimney fires?

Dirt is the main cause of chimney fires based on a previous report. By not taking care of your chimney, the buildup of fire residues (hearth) becomes combustible. 

Seeking professional fireplace repair from Lawrence Maintenance will help in lowering the possibility of chimney fires.

Should my chimney have a cap?

Yes. A chimney cap will prevent debris, snow, leaves or rain from getting into the chimney. The chimney cap will also help in preventing a fire from spreading to other areas in case the chimney catches fire.

Should gas fireplaces be cleaned in the same way as wood fireplaces?

Absolutely! Though gas fireplaces are generally cleaner, debris and birds nest can block the flue. It is only right that our fireplace repair experts take a look to advise you if it is due for repair.

Are there preparations I should undertake before a fireplace repair appointment?

Yes. Before our fireplace repair team comes, ensure that your fireplace has not been in use for at least 2 hours. This way, the surfaces will have cooled off to make it easier to conduct the repairs.

If there are furniture, children’s toys or Christmas tree, among other stuff, you can also stop them safely. This will enable the fireplace repair team to begin working immediately.